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Condition and valuation surveys

DMarine Surveyor, a specialised Yacht Surveying firm from Valencia Spain, provides an extensive range of specific Condition and valuation survey options as listed here below.

Pre-purchase, Pre-sale, Finance, Insurance

A standard Pre-Purchase Survey consists of ascertaining the full condition of the vessel and includes the following:

  • Full and detailed inspection of the vessel both in and out of the water
    including electronic moisture detection or spot ultrasonic thickness
    gauging depending on the vessel build (GRP, metal, wood, etc).
  • Detailed non-invasive inspection of engines and all onboard systems.
  • Rigging inspection of sailing vessels (up to 1.80 m above deck).
  • Complete sea trials (motor & sail).
  • Detailed written report with photographic record

A fully comprehensive ultrasonic thickness gauging and complete visual rigging inspections can be carried out at extra cost.


Although we cannot possibly itemize every single item that will be inspected, as these vary from vessel to vessel, the Pre-Purchase Survey includes visual inspection & performance testing of each & every piece of equipment fitted aboard from stem to stern.

In order to ease surveying procedures and obtain the best results, we strongly recommend that the vessel is hauled-out and the bottom pressure washed with freshwater at least 24 hrs prior to the begining of the survey. This is particularly important to obtain reliable moisture readings of a GRP vessel but greatly facilitates the bottom inspection of vessel built in any construction media. Haulage and bottom cleaning expenses of the haul out are normally arranged directly by the purchaser and/or his broker.

Our standard “Survey Terms & Conditions” which may help to better define the scope of our work are available upon request.

Please feel free to contact us for a detailed estimate.